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Friday, August 9, 2013

Free verse Friday: A Poem About Savoring Life

I enjoy poetry. There is something about bearing your soul in just a few words that really makes poetry a challenge for me. See, I'm rather wordy, especially after I get going! Sometimes, creating a poem that I actually like is more like a vicious battle than creative writing. Honestly, that is why I enjoy writing poetry. The act of writing poetry seems to challenge me to cut out the fat and get straight down to the point. So, that is why I'm starting this blog with a weekly segment entitled "Free verse Friday." Every Friday I'll be sharing some free verse poems that I have written. I hope that some of you will share some inspirational poems as well. 

Hospital Meditations originally came from two shorter poems that I wrote while I was visiting my father in the hospital a few years ago. I have combined the two poems into a completely different poem. I hope that everyone enjoys it. Please feel free to leave and questions, comments, or rants that you have below in the comment section. 

(I'm not really sure that this picture fits with the poem, but I felt that is was pretty. So, I wanted to share it. Normally, I do not take pictures of cars whizzing by; so, I was left with picking this one.)

Hospital Mediations
As I sit on this window sill
watching a variety of automobiles whizz by
I'm just waiting for some time to kill
People always seem to fly right by

They never notice the small things
the things that make the world unique
they're too worried about other things
increasing debt, unpaid loans, and their work situations
No one takes the time to just live

Instead of watching the seconds tick slowly by
it really is a pitty to see how quickly time flies
One minute we're here

And in an instant we're gone

Have a great weekend everyone!