Friday, August 9, 2013

Free verse Friday: A Poem About Savoring Life

I enjoy poetry. There is something about bearing your soul in just a few words that really makes poetry a challenge for me. See, I'm rather wordy, especially after I get going! Sometimes, creating a poem that I actually like is more like a vicious battle than creative writing. Honestly, that is why I enjoy writing poetry. The act of writing poetry seems to challenge me to cut out the fat and get straight down to the point. So, that is why I'm starting this blog with a weekly segment entitled "Free verse Friday." Every Friday I'll be sharing some free verse poems that I have written. I hope that some of you will share some inspirational poems as well. 

Hospital Meditations originally came from two shorter poems that I wrote while I was visiting my father in the hospital a few years ago. I have combined the two poems into a completely different poem. I hope that everyone enjoys it. Please feel free to leave and questions, comments, or rants that you have below in the comment section. 

(I'm not really sure that this picture fits with the poem, but I felt that is was pretty. So, I wanted to share it. Normally, I do not take pictures of cars whizzing by; so, I was left with picking this one.)

Hospital Mediations
As I sit on this window sill
watching a variety of automobiles whizz by
I'm just waiting for some time to kill
People always seem to fly right by

They never notice the small things
the things that make the world unique
they're too worried about other things
increasing debt, unpaid loans, and their work situations
No one takes the time to just live

Instead of watching the seconds tick slowly by
it really is a pitty to see how quickly time flies
One minute we're here

And in an instant we're gone

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Simple DIY sketchbook

I've always envied artists and I often drool over hand drawn sketches. I have often repeated the phrase “Oh, I can't draw.. not even stick people.” but that is a phrase that I rarely say anymore. Over the past few months, I've realized that everyone can draw if only we put our minds to it. Everyone has their own unique style that defines them as an individual. I can't create realistic, photo-quality art, but I do have my own unique style that I am finally proud of. 

Being a writer, I naturally have tons of lined notebooks and journals just laying around my home, just waiting to be filled with musings, poetry, and ideas. I used a few of my journals as practice, but the lines bleed through. Most people probably aren't as bothered by those little blue lines as I am, but I feel it ruins by whole picture. I didn't really want to go out and buy a bunch of blank journals; so, I made my own.

This notebook is super easy to make, and only requires a few common, household items. I'm planning on finding an even sturdier version of this book, and I'll post my findings later. For now, my DIY sketchbook is working perfectly for my daily doodles and random paintings. Here is exactly how I made my sketchbook.

Items Needed:
-dental floss
-sewing needle

1. Start by taking five sheets of plain paper and folding them in half.
2. Make three holes in the crease of pages with your sewing needle.
3. Sew the book together.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 to make a second book. (You can make as many as you want, I decided to stop with two.)
5. Combine your two paper booklets together using the sewing needle and dental floss.
6. The cover is made with two separate pieces of paper. I applied a far amount of glue to bind the pages together.
7. Let all of the glue dry and then glue the tabs from your cover pages to the first pages of the booklet.
8. Decorate and let everything dry.
9. Enjoy!

Leave all of your questions and comments below!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beauty of Galaxies

Beauty of Galaxies

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I absolutely love the galaxy themes. I felt the need to share this template that I made on polyvore. I combined a series of bright colors, light enhancements, and used the overall beauty that surrounds our big, beautiful Earth as my inspiration. I hope everyone enjoys it. :)

The Mandatory First Post

This is a place where I hope to share my musings, inspiration, and other crafty things. I do not want to put a lot of pretense into this blog on what it is or isn't because I like to jump from one hobby or idea to the next without much thought. So, here I will gather whatever grabs my interest at the time. 

Before I go, you may be wondering who I am, well, my name is Lara. I'm a freelance writer who is carving out my own little creative haven. Check out my about me page to learn more about me.